Wendy Hobbs for Board of Supervisor
The People's Choice for Progress

About the Candidate

Wendy Hobbs embraced one fundamentally important principle at an early age:  if you do not like a situation, it is up to you to be the person to make the change. Since childhood, Wendy has been an advocate for the voiceless, underserved, and underrepresented. From riding in the back seat of her mother’s car, taking people to register to vote and to the polls to vote, to becoming one of the first African Americans to integrate her neighborhood school, Wendy has always used her leadership qualities to serve others.  Wendy firmly believes that we live in a county in which every citizen’s voice should be heard, respected, and represented. She desires to serve every citizen and understands that being present at the decision-making table with the Board of Supervisors will enable her to do just that.


Wendy is a trailblazer and a proven public servant.  She moved to Goochland to work for the Virginia Correctional Center for Women in 1989. She served for 35 years in the Virginia Department of Corrections, holding executive positions as Superintendent, Warden, and Regional Administrator of Prisons.

In these administrative roles, Wendy developed and responsibly managed over $200 million in fiscal budgets. Wendy has additional executive experience in capital improvement planning, strategic planning, human resource management, and physical plant management. She has extensive expertise in conducting financial, operational, and security audits, which brings a perspective of accountability and transparency that she regards as being fundamentally essential to the citizens of Goochland County. She continuously works with our local, state, and federal governments to make positive changes for the community, knowing firsthand what it means to be on-call 24 hours a day for the citizens of Goochland.


Wendy’s top priorities include maintaining excellence in our school system and sustaining our AAA Bond ratings by being fiscally responsible and accountable. Through her leadership, she will enhance services and public safety to meet the growing demands of the citizens.  Also, Wendy will collaborate with community leaders and stakeholders to address the lack of workforce housing for employees working in Goochland County. She also recognizes that Internet access is paramount to meeting the needs of our residents that will more specifically benefit students, business owners, and those seeking to improve their lives through employment opportunities. Wendy will explore every possible avenue to expand Internet access throughout the county.


Wendy has always been a champion for the people in her community by working tirelessly to serve their needs. For example, in 2016, She was awarded the “Mary Church Terrell National Award” for her work with mentoring youth. In 2005, Richmond Magazine featured Wendy in an article, “A Green Thumb of Hope,” for her work with incarcerated women. Wendy continues to serve on numerous boards including the Kates Foundation, Goochland County Community Health  Improvement Steering Committee, Goochland Recreational Center, Inc., Mary Bethune Scholarship Foundation, and Sergeant-Major Alford McMichael Scholarship Committee.  Wendy is also the President of the Goochland NAACP Chapter.

Wendy has a Master’s degree in Administration from Central Michigan University with a Concentration in Human Resource Management. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Saint Paul’s College. Additionally, Wendy graduated from the Commonwealth of Virginia Management Institute and the Virginia Executive Leadership Institute. She is married to Milton Hobbs, and they have a son, Reginald, and a grandson, Cameron. She and her husband have called the High Grove Neighborhood their home for 19 years.   

Vote Wendy S. Hobbs for District 2 Board of Supervisors on November 5, 2019. Wendy will do what is necessary to meet the needs of the citizens in District 2.